Mr.Puente's class

Welcome to our class! / Bienvenidos a nuestra clase!
You can reach me at the ext. 5104 from 12:45-1:45 (M-F)
Me puede contactar en la ext. 5104 de 12:45 a 1:45 (lunes a viernes)
Daily Schedule:
Nuestro horario de clases:
   7:50-8:00    DEAR TIME 
   8:00-8:10    Morning routines (Announcements,lunch)
   8:10-8:20    Shared Reading
   8:20-8:30    Handwriting
   8:30-8:40    Writing Mini-Lesson 
   8:40-8:55    Interactive Writing
   8:55-9:15    Independent Writing / Closure
   9:15-9:30    Reading Mini-Lesson
  9:30-10:55   Guided Reading,B.B.T., Literacy Stations
10:55-11:15    Word Study / Phonics
11:15-11:45    Science / Social Studies
11:45-12:45    Lunch / Recess
  12:45-1:45    CAMP
    1:45-3:05    MATH
    3:05-3:15    Dismissal
 Looking forward to a great year ahead!
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