Class Schedule

    Buffalo GOLD Buffalo BLACK
7:45 8:00 D.E.A.R. time w. Woods D.E.A.R. time w. Woods
8:05 9:35 READING w. Kleinert MATH w. Woods
10:05 11:15 BBT / RtI Reading/Math BBT / RtI Reading/Math
11:20 11:50 Lunch Lunch
11:50 12:20 Recess Recess
12:20 1:50 MATH w. Woods READING w. Kleinert
1:50 2:50
Computers, Art, Music, Phys.Ed.
Mr. Woods' Conference Time
Computers, Art, Music, Phys.Ed.
Mr. Woods' Conference Time
2:50 3:15
READING w. Kleinert
3:15 3:15


Recent Posts

Summertime Study Packet

Complete and return the Summertime study packet to Mr. Woods during the first week of 3rd grade and he will provide you an AWESOME gift bag reward for keeping your math skills sharp!
Do one page per day (28 days) and have your parent score and sign each page.  Don't do all the pages all at once!   Know that you will be among the few who do this so the prizes will, did I say, be AWESOME!   You can do it.  I remain proud of you for all your hard work.  Have a fun summer.  

Science Animal Poster / Shoe box Project

Here is a Science project that I trust will be fun for you and your child to create. This project is due: MONDAY, March 20. (monday after spring break)

This project may be simple (crayon drawings) or complex (models/diorama) using either a poster board or an old shoe box to create a model. Have fun and pick a fun animal to research.
Yes, its okay for you or their siblings to help with this.
I'd like to display these items for GES to see so please make them factual. I will return them directly.

Math Fact Flashcard study chart

Download and print this weekly chart to record your progress using addition and or subtraction flash cards for the week.  
Your task is to see how many answers you get correct in either 3 or 5 minutes time.  (preferably 5 mins).  Record your information and return your signed chart to class on Mondays to receive dojo points for your disciplined effort to improve your math understanding.