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Date: 9/2/2016
Date: 9/3/2016
Date: 9/4/2016
Date: 9/5/2016
Date: 9/6/2016

News and Announcements

Principal’s Welcome

Welcome to the 2016-2017 school year! We are excited to kick off a SUPER year with a great staff and students. Our theme this year will be “HEROES for Children” and we will work throughout the year to help every child at Giddings Elementary to succeed.
Through partnerships with families, we strive to work together to meet the needs of all students. We appreciate your support at home and encourage you to read with your child each night. If you have questions about your child’s day, please contact their teacher by phone or email.
We are looking forward to a great year!

Alisa Niemeyer
GES Principal


Giddings Elementary’s new school hours are 7:50am to 3:15pm. Instruction will begin in every classroom each morning promptly at 7:50am. It is important that all students be here on time so they do not miss any instruction. The cafeteria will begin serving breakfast at 7:15am. If you drop off your child after 7:50am, you must park your vehicle in a legal parking space and sign your child in at the office.

Please be sure your child’s teacher knows how he/she will be getting home each day. If your child’s mode of transportation needs to change, please send a note with your child or come by the Elementary office before 2:00pm.

Kindergarten and First Grade Students Recognized for Compassion

The following students earned an EAFK Medallion for Compassion. Students were recognized for their efforts on Friday, January 8th.

Bottom Row:
Karen Villela, Ky Lynn Martiniez, Alaydis Marroquin

Second Row:

Weston Smith, Damien Powell, Larry Segundo, Monty Hair, Alexandia Estrada

Third Row:

Hernan Madrigales, Cruz Rangel, Anastasia Rocco, Andrea Salazar

Fouth Row:

Corbin Medack, Santos Ochoa, Chase Ramirez, Allyson Dowell, Litzy Gonzalez

Top Row:

EAKF Knight of the Guild. Sir Keith

Second and Third Grade Students Knighted for Citizenship

These second and third grade students earned an EAFK Medallion for exemplifying the knightly virtue of Citizenship.

Bottom Row:
Gerardo Garcia, Rilynn Creek, Breanna Turner

Second Row:
Elda Tapia, Natalie Lara, Michael Vargas, Aixa Perez, Arianna Everett

Third Row:
Kamree Wolridge, Sir Keith Fiala, Devin Guevera

Fourth Row:
Sindy Hernandez-Recendiz, Yvette Portales

Top Row:
Layna Woelfel

Congratulations to students and parents!

Kindergarten and First Grade Knights - Citizenship

These kindergarten and First grade students earned a medallion for exhibiting the Knightly Virtue of Citizenship.

Bottom Row:
Nayeli Villanueva, Hector Campos, Angela Tello

Second Row:
Jordynn Figueroa, Hunter Stone, Isabella Garcia, Nathan Snyder

Third Row:
Sir Keith Fiala, Leilani Lien, Alexandra Estrada

Top Row:
Akoya Ford-Wolridge, Sadie Locke, Cayleigh Gonzales, Caedon Melcher

Congratulations students and parents on a job well done.

EarlyAct FirstKnight Knightly Virtue - Compassion

Giddings Elementary School students are learning about the EarlyAct FirstKnight Knightly Virtue of Compassion. EAFK defines compassion as:

* Giving to someone who is in need
* Caring for someone else
* Being Kind and generous to others.

Please review this traits with your children and assist them in finding ways to practice these traits at home.

EarlyAct FirstKnight Service Club Board Members Elected

Congratulations to the following students for being elected to represent the GES student body as members of the Giddings Elementary School EarlyAct FirstKnight Service Club Board. The students are: Andrew Davis, Abigail Snyder, Landan Gaertner, Nevaeh Blue, Tristan Martinez, Natalie Carranza, Ranayja Diaz, Chase Siegeler, Mireya Lara, Juan Monroy, Kaitlyn Shelton, Joseph Sifuentes, Zoe Roschetzky and Laiken Myrick. These students will be instrumental in developing and implementing our campus and community based service projects. They will also serve as campus role models and ambassadors to our community.

GES Welcomes New Staff

Giddings Elementary School welcomes the following staff members to TEAM GES:

Victoria Snyder - Pre-K
Patti Moore - Kindergarten
Sara Freeland - 2nd Grade
Anjelica Luna - Bilingual 2nd Grade
Luis Eduardo Puente - Bilingual 3rd Grade
Kecia Royal - 3rd Grade
April Cherie Wiechering - 3rd Grade
Isabel Bahena - Child Development Center
Robert Glenn Buscha - Interventionist