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GES PTO Meeting
Date: 9/1/2015, 5:30 PM 6 PM
Location: GES Cafeteria
Labor Day - School Holiday
Date: 9/7/2015
DRA Testing Window Opens
Date: 9/8/2015
EAFK Service Club Meeting
Date: 9/8/2015, 1:50 PM
Location: GES Conference Room
Campus Improvement Meeting
Date: 9/10/2015, 5 PM 5:45 PM
Location: GES Conference Room

News and Announcements

GES PTO Meeting

The September GES PTO Meeting will take place on Tuesday, September 1st. The meeting will take place st 5:30 p.m. in the GES Cafeteria. Come join us and bring your ideas.


Giddngs Elementary School Fall Fundraiser will be taking place from Monday, August 31st until Friday, September 11th. Students will be taking home a fundraiser order packet on Friday, August 28th. For the safety and security of the students, we ask that they sell items ONLY to family and friends. We DO NOT want them to sell items door to door. Please make sure that your child's name and the name of their teacher is on their order form. We appreciate your support and participation in the event. Money raised will be used for purchasing technology for classrooms.

EAFK Knightly Virtue - Responsibility

Giddings Elementary Students will be kicking off the new school year with our EAFK Student Orientation. The orientation will take place on Wednesday, August 26th. Sir Cass, a Knight of the Guild will be on campus to review the purpose, expecations and rewards of the EarlyAct FirstKnight Character Education Program. The first knightly virtue the students will be learning about is Responsibility. We encourage all parents to assists students in learning about and exemplifying this trait by giving the student ways to be responsible at home. Working together, we can assist our students in becoming responsible citizens.

GES Welcomes New Staff

Giddings Elementary School welcomes the following staff members to TEAM GES:

Victoria Snyder - Pre-K
Patti Moore - Kindergarten
Sara Freeland - 2nd Grade
Anjelica Luna - Bilingual 2nd Grade
Luis Eduardo Puente - Bilingual 3rd Grade
Kecia Royal - 3rd Grade
April Cherie Wiechering - 3rd Grade
Isabel Bahena - Child Development Center
Robert Glenn Buscha - Interventionist

GES PTO Elect New Officers

Congratulations to the following ladies who were elected to the 2015-2016 GES PTO Officer Board:

Jessica Graefe - Secretary
Toni Hanson - Treasurer
Adriana Corpus - Vice President
Kelly Majewski - President

Thanks to all these ladies for volunteering their time and efforts to our students and campus.

New Visitor Check in Procedures

Safety of our students is our highest priority. Giddings ISD will be implementing new check in procedures for visitors to all campuses in an effort to increase student safety. Beginning on January 14, 2013, all visitors to Giddings ISD campuses will be required to present a valid government issued photo ID to the campus office. Their identification will be scanned into the Raptor V-soft visitor management and screening system. If cleared, the system will print a visitor’s pass with a photo, date, time, and destination. The system will alert campus administration when registered sex offenders attempt to check in on our campuses.

Visitors that do not have a valid form of identification will only be allowed access to the office or waiting area. Valid forms of ID include a Driver’s License or ID card from any of the 50 states, U.S. Passport Card, Active Military ID, or Mexican Consulate Card.